What Will I Forget This Time?

Good Friday to You,

What is the most important item you have ever forgotten when traveling?

We have all forgotten something. The Front Desk provided a complimentary toothbrush. Friends or family loaned an “old” shirt or a pair of socks. Forgotten underwear… well… that probably calls for a trip to the store.

Jon Acuff encourages his readers to take the time to make a general travel checklist to be used every time you’re on the go. Don’t try to think of everything you need each time you travel because sometimes you will forget something. (This might be a great New Year’s Resolution for you frequent travelers).

Those forgotten items cause frustration, lost time, and/or a little embarrassment, but none of those things will actually ruin a trip. They’re merely minor inconveniences. But what about something really important? What about a child?

God didn’t give us much in Scripture about Jesus’ childhood. In general, the Gospel accounts jump from Jesus’ spectacular birth right to His public ministry. There is only one exception: The story of Mary and Joseph losing young Jesus while in Jerusalem!

To me, a forgetful father of five, Mary and Joseph’s epic parenting fail is quite encouraging. Even the woman God chose to care for His Son made faulty assumptions as a parent. I can only imagine what must have been running through Mary and Joseph’s minds during the two days they thought Jesus was “lost.”

Can you imagine going to God on Judgment Day with that one on your list of indiscretions?

     “Almighty God, we are so sorry for losing Your Son.”
“Yes, we knew Jesus offering salvation to the world was a big deal.”
“Yes, we understood our responsibility to adequately care for Him.”
Or maybe…“God, we thought Jesus was with his cousin Eddie.”

This singular event from Jesus’ childhood is quite encouraging because some of us recently lost something important. Some of us recently made a stupid mistake. Some of us recently had an epic fail with our parenting. We are reminded that Mary and Joseph were not chosen for the job because they were perfect. They were perfect for the job because they were chosen by God! But, this account (as with all of Scripture) is much more about Jesus’ success than Mary and Joseph’s failure.

This special peek into Jesus’ childhood provides valuable guidance for all of us. What Jesus did 2,000 years ago as a 12-year-old gives direction to people of all ages resolving to better experience the life Jesus came to make possible in 2018.

Read Luke 2:39-52. Put yourself in Mary and Joseph’s moccasins. Look carefully at what Jesus says and doesn’t say. Watch carefully for what Jesus does and does not do. What a great text!


Hope you join us this weekend,


Pastor Michael