Who’s been living back here?

Good Friday to You,

Carol Ann is very neat and organized. Messiness bothers her. She was also raised by a father who has always kept his vehicles meticulously clean. So, when our vehicles are dirty… suffice it to say it bothers her.

I’m more the vehicle maintenance guy. Regular oil changes. Fluid checks. Tire rotations. I want to ensure the vehicle will dependably make it there and back… this time… and also the next. I’m not as concerned about look or smell. Throwing my underwear in the basket and keeping my “areas” of our home clean has been a learned discipline for me.

I wanted to stay far out of Carol Ann’s way while she frantically finished packing the family for last week’s vacation. So, I decided to clean out the “Burb” (the family nickname for our 2010 Suburban). While I was in no way bothered by our dirty “Burb”, once I began the cleanup project… it was a full-court press:

Scrubbing carpet and mats
Cleaning the headliner
Armor All

Literally, a full day of cleaning!

Deep cleaning the car meant pulling out the back seats. Oh. My! Pretzels. Crackers. Pencils. Grime. Scum. I’m thinking, “Who lives in this mess?” Funny how you can go through the car wash, hang a scented tree from your rearview mirror, and drive on thinking all is well. But… when you pull out the seats, you discover you have a tribe of undomesticated animals living in the back of your vehicle!

This weekend, we have the privilege of continuing our study of following our Lord. Our next devoted follower is Isaiah. He came face to face with the holiness of our God. His experience of God’s perfection revealed his own sinfulness. But, Isaiah wasn’t left in a place of guilt and discouragement. Instead, he became empowered and was sent on a mission. Amazingly, the mission God gave Isaiah still impacts us today! You can take a look by reading Isaiah 6:1-13.

Ironically, just as I finished my toxic waste cleanup, I tried to start up the “Burb” only to discover the battery had gone dead. Thankfully, I was able to replace it while it still sat in my garage instead of on the side of the road somewhere between here and New Orleans! The Nave family made it safely to and from our destination and Carol Ann was able to enjoy the ride knowing our vehicle was truly clean… except for the front being covered by bug guts. But, as far as I’m concerned, those form a strategic layer of protection until next summer’s family trip!

Hope to see you this weekend,

Pastor Michael

P.S.  Dads, I’m sorry if my story somehow results in you being tasked with cleaning out the family vehicle. You could attempt to escape by claiming it is still Father’s Day…week?!