Was I in Mommy’s Belly?

Good Friday to You,

Where do babies come from?

I have five children ranging in age from 5 to 20 years old, so the “birds and the bees” discussion is not a new one at our house. (One of my kids asks a “sex ed” question and my heart skips a beat.) Yet, it still amazes me that the simplest answers are usually the best. So, how do I handle these situations?  Affirm the question. Answer it clearly and simply… and most of the time they will stop right there. If they ask a follow up question- again, answer it clearly and simply.  All babies come from a Mommy’s belly. It is that simple…that’s where babies “come from.”

“Was I in Mommy’s belly?”

OK…this one adds a new wrinkle to the “birds and the bees” talk in our house. Since Trinae and Keyan became part of our family, I have been rehearsing adoption conversations in my head. So far, I have tried to stick to the plan of affirming clear and simple answers. However, sometimes the answers to their questions are a little less clear and a lot less simple.  Trinae (6) knows that we are her family but that she was not in Mommy’s belly, like Zach, Parker, and Layton. I start to wonder, “Where does this discussion go?”

“Will they wish we weren’t their parents? Will they ever want to find their biological parents? Will they wish they had been adopted by black parents?” I’m not sure exactly where the conversations will lead. Honestly, I anticipate days, maybe even seasons, when they will struggle with having been taken from one family and placed in another… especially when they don’t like my parenting!

These are difficult questions. It is important that we don’t avoid them or shame our children for asking them.  The same principle applies to difficult faith questions.  We should prepare for them.  And even when we feel unprepared, we must affirm the hard ones:   Why is there evil?  What about all those other people who sincerely believe their religion?  How do we know God really exists?

This weekend, we have an incredible opportunity to get better prepared to deal with those questions.  We have an incredible opportunity to invite our friends to join us on a journey of discovery.

What is the meaning of life?

That is the question for this weekend!   We intuitively know that we are not in a position to impose meaning on someone else’s life.  Ironically, we are also not in a position to impose meaning upon our own lives!  The Apostle Paul touched on this topic when he spoke to a group of brilliant philosophers in Athens.  In his speech, he shared the meaning of life and its origin.   Two thousand years later, this question still lies at the heart of the human experience.  How do you answer it?  How do you know you’re right? What does Scripture have to say?   You won’t want to miss this weekend as we dig into this question together.  If you want, you can also take a sneak peek at our passage here.

Hope you join us this weekend,

Pastor Michael