A Tale of Two Mothers

Good Friday to You,

On September 7, 1972, Russella Nave officially became a mom. Twenty-five years later on April 25, 1997, Carol Ann Nave officially entered motherhood. This is the tale of my two mothers:  my mom and the mother of my children. Mother’s Day is truly a celebration for me. I am very thankful to have both of these mothers still in my life. They are gifts from God!

Though Godly mothers possess many commendable qualities, unconditional love has to be near the top of the list. Moms are the ones who personify the phrase, “There is nothing you could ever do to make me stop loving you!” Or as it has been expressed from a negative perspective, “Only a mother could love…” Moms continue to believe in us even when everyone else seems to have given up. Moms continue to love us even when we are struggling to love ourselves.

Godly mothers are truly a blessing in our lives!

Interestingly, some people struggle to trust our God, thinking He is missing those “motherly” qualities. Don’t worry…I’m not taking us down a heretical path. I am not beginning to build a case of God being a female. Scripture is quite clear. He is our Heavenly Father. Yet, in His Divine Perfectness, God perfectly exemplifies the ideal qualities of a mother. Better than any mother known to any of us, God is love!

When we discover the salvation He made possible for us…we see unconditional love. When we truly recognize God’s act to bring us to life and free us from our bondage to sin…unconditional love! To celebrate what we most love about Mothers is to celebrate the central truth of The Gospel.

Celebrating Mother’s Day and The Gospel this weekend at Cornerstone will include a never-seen-before experience. If Mother’s Day is a special celebration for you…that celebration will be especially meaningful for you this weekend. If Mother’s Day presents some real challenges for you…the hope you will receive this weekend will be especially hope-filled. If you have been angry with God or struggling to find Him when you needed Him the most…the peace will be especially encouraging for you this weekend. Of course you’ll have to show up to find out why I have such high expectations for our worship services!


Hope to see you this weekend,

Pastor Michael