One for Three

Good Friday to You,

When I was a little guy, I was like most boys…I wanted to be like my Dad. He was strong. He could fix my toys. He was the one I most wanted to play with me. He was my hero. In my little mind, I thought, “When I grow up, I want to be just like my dad.” I tried to take the BIG STEPS he took. I tried to lift the heavy bales of hay he lifted. I tried to swing that big sledge hammer he swung. I watched him carefully and tried to do what I saw him doing.

One of the fun things my Dad could do was wiggle his ears. Yup…he could really make those things waggle! And I really wanted to be able to do THAT! So, just like a small child watches your mouth when trying to learn how to make a specific sound, I watched my Dad. Watching him, I learned to whistle. Watching him, I learned to make a pretty good “pig sound.” And yes, watching him…I learned how to wiggle my ears!

It’s fun to read Internet articles about ear wiggling. You can read a short synopsis from the New York Times published just last year. Or you can read an article on a genetics site hosted by Stanford University.  There is quite a bit of debate (but little convincing evidence) about why a small percentage of people can do it. Some believe it is a learned trait and anyone can learn to wiggle their ears. Others contend it is entirely hereditary. A Stanford graduate student brought the two camps together by saying, “It is obvious that wiggling your ears comes easier for some people.”

Nave Boys = One for Three

At my house, only one of my three biological sons has the “gift.” Layton is the youngest and he can wiggle his ears better than me. He can actually move each ear independent from the other. One at a time. On demand. He’s such special child!

I don’t know if all of us can learn to wiggle our ears. I don’t know why only one of my boys is carrying on the “Nave ear-wiggling tradition.” I sure don’t think it is worth investing much of your discretionary time to find and develop the gift. But one thing I know, God offers the gift of His Word to all of us! Specifically, He is inviting each of us to hear from His Spirit as we read his Word!

We can hear His voice. We can sense His direction. We can feel His love.

This weekend, we are continuing our journey of discovering this great gift. We are learning the practice of comprehending, interpreting, and applying God’s Word. God will speak to you. You can begin to clearly hear His voice as you engage with His Word. Every child of God is given this gift!!!

Go ahead and read 2 Timothy 3:12-17.  In this passage, we discover some specific ways God’s Word is a gift to all of us!


Hope you join us this weekend,

Pastor Michael