Groups at Cornerstone are all about two things: Connection and Growth.
We realize that people connect and grow best around common interests, so we have an ever-increasing number and variety of groups. From small group Bible studies to activity groups (hobby-based), there is a way for you to connect with others and experience real relationships and fulfillment.

The Pathway offers a straightforward, holistic approach to your spiritual life and growth. No matter where you find yourself on your journey, The Pathway shows you a simple way forward. Whether you’ve never set foot in a church or you’re a 4th generation preacher’s kid, The Pathway helps you answer the question:

“What’s my next step?”

Congratulations…you are gifted by God! Warning…those gifts were not given to you, for you. He gifted you for ministry so you can serve others. God wants us to be involved in His work. You experience immense fulfillment when utilizing the gifts He has given you to the benefit of others.

“How will you let God use your gifts?”

Baptism is a great way for you to take your next step in faith.

We regularly offer baptisms the 3rd Sunday of each month, but it’s not limited to those days. If you are interested in being baptized, please call the office at 618-997-7884 or email us to set up a time to meet with a pastor.