Your children will have the opportunity for age-appropriate, Bible-based learning at our weekend services. Our kids programs create a starting point for you to teach your children throughout the week and keep them talking about and with Jesus.

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Cornerstone Youth combines Biblical teaching and an engaging atmosphere to effectively lead teens to encounter God. Music, games and super-hip pop culture references are all harnessed to connect our youth to the gospel…while having a kind of awesome time.

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Groups at Cornerstone are all about two things: Connection and Growth.
We realize that people connect and grow best around common interests, so we have an ever-increasing number and variety of groups. From small group Bible studies to activity groups (like our archery group!), there is a way for you to connect with others and experience real relationships and fulfillment.

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The music is relevant, the content accurate, and the atmosphere electric. In worship, we welcome and lift high the name of Jesus: the Creator who has bridged the gap between God and Man. Gone are the days of Kumbaya around the fire, Gregorian Chants in the cathedral, and apathetic lip-service in church. Worship at Cornerstone is Engaging, Passionate, Transformational, Uplifting, Spirit-Driven, Christ-Centered, and God-Glorifying. Prepare to experience the God of Heaven meeting with His Children as they worship with abandon….That’s what we’re about.

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The True Beauty Women’s Ministry is open to women of all ages! This ministry meets once per month on the first Tuesday from 6 to 8pm in the Cornerstone Cafe.
Your night will include light refreshments, fellowship, and spiritual refreshening.

Contact Ruth Teal at for questions or more information.

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Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery creates a safe environment space for us to deal with our hurts, habits and hangups in life. We open the door to recovery by sharing our experiences, strengths and hopes with one another. Recovery and life change can be attained by a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Renew provides low cost clothing and home goods to the people of Southern Illinois. Amazingly, all profits generated by the store go right back out to bless the people in our communities. When you purchase items from Renew, you can know that your money will be used to help others nearby!

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International Missions

This ministry is an awesome venue for God’s people to serve the church outside the borders of the U.S. It allows us to put actions to our faith and watch it strengthen and mature. Whether you are called to give, go, or pray, this ministry gives us a great chance to fulfill Jesus call to “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

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