I’m Leaving to be a Consultant

Good Friday to You,

Have you ever thought about the job of a professional consultant? You know… getting paid to tell other people what to do. I think it might be my dream job. Imagine getting paid to…

Tell supervisors how to lead their people.
Tell parents how to raise their kids.
Tell workers how to do their work.

And the best part… you don’t have to do any of it. Doesn’t that sound awesome?!

For you consultants out there, I get it. You work hard to give your clients the tools they need to move forward with your recommendations.  And you earned the right to consult by having done it really well. But the truth still remains, you don’t have to do any of what you tell others to do… and the doing is really the hard part!

As God’s Word tells us, “be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” (James 2:19) You see, we’re kidding ourselves to think we are spiritually healthy by just knowing what to do. Generosity requires us to spend less on ourselves than we make. Doing. Wisdom requires us to read God’s Word, pray, and seek wise counsel. Doing. Victorious living requires us to focus on Jesus and maintain godly boundaries. Doing.

Imagine how different our lives would be if we did everything clearly revealed to us in Scripture. What if, by the power of His Spirit, we did everything Jesus clearly directs without any excusing or avoiding?

I’m not leaving my job to become a consultant, but this week I noticed several times when it was much easier to consult than to do. Difficult decisions. Hard conversations. And… inviting people!

We are right in the middle of a Christmas series, and we keep looking at our incredible opportunity to share the joy-filled message, “Jesus is here,” and to invite others to join us in worshiping Him! I was reminded how much easier it is to preach about inviting than it is to do it myself. I’m a bit of an introvert when I’m not on stage. I’m really friendly, but I regularly miss opportunities to share and invite.

So, I gave our staff the names of the people I have committed to invite to our Christmas services. Now, I am held personally accountable.

So… have you invited your three?

This weekend, we will take another look at the Good News revealed when Jesus was born and laid in a manger. He is our Why!  From there, we’ll talk about some really simple steps to take when inviting and sharing. You want to share the joy of our Savior! I do too!  But, we hesitate when we don’t know how to transition the conversation or answer questions that might come up. I promise, we can be confident and prepared in our sharing and inviting!

I “invite” you to take an early look at our passage for this weekend. It is another non-Christmas text that helps us better understand the Christmas Story – Matthew 13:1-9 and 18-23. We’ll take a look together at what is happening every time we share and invite. And for a kid who grew up on a farm, this is one of my favorite Jesus stories in all of the Bible. I just might get a little excited preaching this weekend!


Hope you join us this weekend,

Pastor Michael