I Don’t Have It

Good Friday to You,

Tom confidently told me, “I don’t have the spiritual gift of mercy.” It was the first time I had ever heard him make this declaration. He made the statement so assertively that I was a bit taken back. Come to find out, it was a phrase he employed quite frequently.

The Spirit of God gives some believers the supernatural ability to sense the needs of others. These gifted individuals have what I call “mercy antennas.” Walking into a room, they can see who is struggling. They are the ones who regularly say to you, “Did you notice something was wrong with [insert name here].” You likely responded with something like, “Uh, no. Seemed fine to me.” People empowered with the gift of mercy feel the burdens of others. They are truly a gift from God for His people.

All believers do not have this gift of the Spirit, but all followers of Jesus are commanded to be merciful. Jesus said, “Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful.” (Luke 6:36) We are not all supernaturally empowered to sense burdens from a mile away, but we are all commanded to be merciful when we see those needs.

Back to Tom.

When he said he didn’t have the spiritual gift of mercy, he was right. But, he used this statement as an excuse for being an uncaring follower of Jesus, which was wrong. Is there an area understanding where you are “right” but “wrong”? Times of suffering from injustice can lure us into such a place.

When you suffer injustice at the hands of others, you are “right” to believe that God is a just God and that He ultimately wants justice for you. This truth is one of the greatest promises we are given by God. In Eternity, God makes everything right. But, we are wrong to believe that God is most concerned with you immediately receiving justice. Nowhere in Scripture does God promise that everything is “fair” in our fallen world… it is NOT!

If you have been in a time of unjust suffering or have a friend who is there, this message from God’s Word will give much hope and clarity! It’s not that God isn’t powerful enough to save you! It’s not that you did something to make God put you on the discard pile. It’s not that God doesn’t care. God regularly wills injustice for His children because there is something even more important. God uses our suffering to mold us into his image, to advance his kingdom, to bring life to others, to tell his story.

As we continue to talk about engaging in God’s Mission for The Church, we discover this greater good! Our God is just. You can trust Him. Justice will triumph.

You can get a jump start on it by reading our text for this weekend: 1 Peter 3:13-18.  It just may change the way you view and experience your current situation.


Hope to see you this weekend,

Pastor Michael