Another Dark Hallway

Good Friday to You,

I walked down the dark hallway toward my office Monday morning – less than 24 hours after people filled our building for Sunday worship services. Just the night before, sounds of teenagers laughing and playing at youth group echoed through the building. But Monday morning, everything was quiet. The hallway was bare. And I made the familiar trek to my office… again.

“Is this it?”

It was one of those moments of self-reflection in the middle of the ordinariness of normal life. You know how those times of reflection can be… Sometimes it seems like they consume your entire being for minutes at a time. Other times they come and go in an instant. And on this particularly unremarkable Monday, I found myself questioning my “lot in life.” Is this what I want in life? Is this what God wants for my life? Is this good? Is this as good as it’s going to get? I came to realize something…

Most of life is quite…“Monday-ish.”

There are, in fact, some decisions and changes that do radically and quickly change our lives. For example, as Christ-followers, we know the dramatic miracle of salvation that happens when we declare, “Jesus is Lord.” We are familiar with the life-altering impact of the moment we say “I do.” We know the miracle of the instant we hear “I’m pregnant.” However, much of our experience of life in Christ happens much more slowly; in seemingly mundane, ordinary, unspectacular fashion. We are much more like oak trees than mushrooms.

Mushrooms seem to “pop up” overnight, but a young oak tree looks the same tonight as it did last night. The oak tree is massive within a few decades, but the mushroom is dead and gone after a few weeks. Slow and steady growth over the long term can yield staggering results. It’s just not very exciting in the short term. Which are you pursuing? What does your expectation for 2018 look like?

As I walked down the hallway, I quickly realized that this is an amazing slow and steady year for our family.

     Carol Ann and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage!
We are quite proud of the men our boys are becoming.
We are seeing significant development in our “littles.”
Our oldest son will get married!
I am in my second decade of ministry at Cornerstone.
After living in our house since 2010, I finally know where everything goes!

Most of life feels quite “Monday-ish.” The little decisions we make each Monday show up in big results years later. No matter where you find yourself, I encourage you to follow Jesus in the little choices that yield big results in the long-run. This is the truth we began talking about last weekend. You can begin to regularly hear from God this year. By His Spirit, God will regularly speak to you through His Word. You can hear His voice. You will be changed. And in years to come, you will look back and see 2018 as a breakout year!

For this weekend, we’re going to be studying Matthew 4:1-11. It is going to be a lot of fun applying what we discussed last week.

Hope you join us this weekend,

Pastor Michael